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Change around the corner for credit scores


How did the recession affect your spending habits? Soon, for better or worse, you might see your financial behavior reflected in your FICO score.

FICO, the data company that devised the credit-scoring formulas most often used by mortgage and auto lenders, credit card companies, etc., plans to release a new scoring model this summer that it promises will analyze credit risk more correctly.

FICO said the new model, the first major change in six years, is intended to address lenders’ concerns about credit score consistency across the three major credit bureaus.

A FICO spokesman told National Mortgage News that the new formula, called FICO Score9, will analyze post-recession data in terms of how a consumer’s spending and credit habits may have changed, compared with six years ago. Consumers whose scores were good pre-recession will score slightly better in the new version, he told the trade journal.

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The Home Show | Chicago’s Home Improvement Shows, Home and Garden Expos

I saw this “Home Show”  advertised at the Vaughan Athletic Center, Aurora  for this weekend.  I am not participating in this event.  But my husband went to it a couple of years ago and we found a very reputable company that installed replacement windows in our home.  May be a good place to get ideas for updates to your home…

Chicago Home Show and Landscape Expos Marketplace


March 1 & 2, 2014 10am-5pm Aurora –Vaughan Athletic Center

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WOW! Sugar Grove, 19 OPEN HOUSES, Sat. Nov. 16th

There will be a multi-realtor open house this weekend in Black Walnut Trails and Prestbury subdivisions. There will be 19 homes from multiple area realtors that will be hosting open houses on Saturday from 1:00 pm. to 4:00 p.m.

  • 2 Fernilee CT
  • 24 Briargate CIR
  • 32 Walnut CIR
  • 7 Saddlewood CT
  • 161 N Buckingham DR
  • 3 Ralph Judd CT
  • 8 Heaton CT
  • 703 Queensgate CIR
  • 12 Ashwood CT
  • 1030 Forest TRL
  • 758 Merrill New RD
  • 825 Queensgate CIR
  • 621 Carlisle CT
  • 777 Wild Ginger RD
  • 898 Edgewood DR
  • 982 Jennifer CT
  • 778 Black Walnut CT
  • 14 Walnut CIR
  • 6 Mossfield CT

a new place to call “home”

It was such a pleasure being part of helping this family purchase their new home!  I am excited for them as they get settled and make this house their home.  I am thankful for my career as a loan officer and always grateful for my clients who put their trust in me to cross the finish line with them.  Thank you WOLFE family!

photo 2

10 of America’s best lake vacations –

If you are still trying to plan a summer vacation within driving distance from Chicago, this article recommends Door County WI, Traverse City MI, Lake Winnebego WI & other destinations in and around the great lakes! Follow link to read full article and recommendations.  HAPPY SUMMER!

(CNN) — Waking to another cloudless morning, you dive off your houseboat into the wild blue of Lake Powell in southern Utah. The water takes the edge off the heat, and you float along, contemplating a lazy day of navigating spectacular red-rock gorges and flooded canyons.

Brian Raub, founder of, says lakes have an inherent advantage over the ocean when it comes to vacations.

“You’ll probably prefer the feel of freshwater over salt, and you probably won’t miss seasickness, seaweed or sharks. You can choose your outdoor temperatures; lakes exist at elevations from below sea level to 13,000 feet above.”

See more of America’s best lakes

And temperature isn’t your only choice: America offers a lake vacation for every season and activity, and no matter where you live, even in the Southwest desert, chances are there’s one near you. Satellite mapping has yet to yield a precise answer, but the best guess is that there are between 3 and 4 million lakes across the U.S., ranging from duck ponds to wonders like Oregon’s Crater Lake.

While Lake Tahoe is most popular for winter sports and Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago reaches its windsurfing peak in fall, we associate most lakes with summer, as places to cool off and chill out. A recent study by named lake vacations the most popular summer travel trend of 2012, ahead of%2

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A salute to quick thinking, band member lost his cymbal during the National Anthem June 3, 2013 – YouTube

This 13yr old just finished 8th grade at my middle school alma mater, Eisenhower Jr. High in Darien, IL.  Quick thinking on his part and now he has had millions of hits on YouTube and is on CNN.

A salute to quick thinking, band member lost his cymbal during the National Anthem June 3, 2013 – YouTube.

Redemption Song

Last week a co-worker of mine posted an entry on her blog that really moved me. She wrote life is “but a breath”. We don’t know how long we will be here. Today could be her last living day on this earth (and mine just as well). But she ended her entry by writing what she is sure of in her Christian walk. Her words were an awesome reminder of what I take for granted every day and should not.

Twelve hours after I read her post, tragedy struck in Newtown, Connecticut. It literally takes the breath she wrote of away from me. I know the world is trying to wrap their brains around such senseless violence and the tragic loss of children and loved ones…

Today at church, I found myself lost in worship to a song that was new to me. It was simple, but powerful to me in the moment.  I am ever thankful for my redemption that started with the birth of my Savior.  And for 4 minutes or so, I was able to lift up my voice, lay down my burdens and praise the King who was born on Christmas day. Again I am reminded that even though our lives are “but a breath”, or even shorter for those 20 children, God planned a way to come down to find us. To love us. To save us. To spend eternity with Him.  (Thanks Linda for helping prepare my heart with your post!)

MIKESCHAIR- Redemption Song – YouTube. Click to listen, Lyrics below.

People are singing in the streets
Singing a timeless melody
Of how love came down, the lost were found
Here the sound of Christmas
Come celebrate the King

Everyone sing along
This is our redemption song
Love has come, love has come to save us
Emmanuel is here now

This is the time to stop the noise
Lay down your burdens, lift your voice
And praise this Son, the Holy One, who rescued us
It’s Christmas, let the world rejoice!

Everyone sing along
This is our redemption song
Love has come, love has come to save us
Emmanuel is here now
Go and tell the broken hearted
Love has come, love has come to save us
So sing along

(Hallelujah) This is our redemption song
(Hallelujah) Yeah!

Go and tell the broken hearted
Love has come, love has come to save us
So sing along

(Hallelujah) This is our redemption song
(Hallelujah) Yeah!

5 tips to steer clear of debt in holiday shopping

By DAVE CARPENTER — AP Personal Finance Writer

CHICAGO — Black Friday deals are starting early this year, and that means more pressure to spend, spend, spend.

As the holiday shopping season expands and retailers make impulse buys ever-easier via smartphone and otherwise, consumers have to be extra-disciplined to avoid money trouble.

Many are willing to indulge. The National Retail Federation forecasts holiday sales to rise 4.1 percent to $586.1 billion this year, a bigger increase than usual over the last 10 years. Shoppers are expected to spend an average $749.51 in November and December, with many shelling out much more.

Weak economy? What weak economy?

Unfortunately, many will take months to pay off the goodies they bought for loved ones or (shh) themselves at doorbuster deals and other special offers.

Among the potential debt traps for the unwary this year:

– Special Black Friday shopping hours actually begin on Thursday, Nov. 22, at major retailers, even as early as 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Ramping up the temptation level, websites tracking Black Friday sales have been sending emails with “leaked” sales specials since Halloween.

READ entire article via CHICAGO: 5 tips to steer clear of debt in holiday shopping | Personal Finance | Bradenton Herald.

Interested in better family relationships, a better job, or improved health?

Did you say YES to at least one of these?  I did!

My good friend is organizing a CHAMPION’S WORKSHOP presented by Klemmer and Associates.  I didn’t know who K&A was, so I googled Here is what I found…

“Our workshops produce results for corporations and individuals because they explore beliefs around commitment, loyalty, communication, honesty, success, leadership and many other key issues. Once people “see” things differently, they automatically behave differently. This is what distinguishes us from purely “motivational” work which produces a temporary high. People are inspired, but because it is experiential they literally view life differently, and it lasts. Sustainable  results are a key to change.”

I am attending.  Would you like to join me?

Champions Workshop

Presented by Klemmer and Associates

Where:  Hotel Arista

2139 City Gate Ln Naperville, IL 60563

(Off Rt. 59 just north of I 88)

Date: Wednesday December 5, 2012

Time:  7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Cost:  $20 in advance, $59 at the door

Contact:  Stacey Hoeft (630)802-8200


Are you interested in better family relationships, a better job, or improved health?

Whether your passion is for excellence in your professional life, your personal life or both…The Champion’s Workshop contains the tools and techniques to assist you in making it happen NOW!  The goal of the Champion’s Workshop is to:

  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that were poured into you by life.
  • Replace your limiting beliefs with more productive thoughts that serve your growth going forward.
  • Discover which areas in your life you struggle with most, and discover how to create more fulfillment in those areas.
  • Unblock and resolve conflicts with yourself and others.
  • Learn a “Formula of Champions” used by individuals and companies throughout the world to see measureable change within 30 days.

The Champion’s Workshop is a valuable training that produces results.  Take a small step to make a large difference in your life!  Come join us for a time of self discovery!

The Sports Doctor: Football unsafe at any age

Some of you may know my youngest son had an accident 5 weeks ago that resulted in a blood clot/brain bleed.  He is doing GREAT!  But I also have a son who plays on his school football team.  This article in the Beacon News yesterday on brain injuries really hit home as Liam continues to heal and Josh heads to a football game this afternoon.  Such a contradiction…

I’m sure most of you have seen last week’s Sports Illustrated cover story. I’m really sorry and aggravated to see former Bears great and patient Jim McMahon featured as one of the latest examples of the crisis with concussions. I also worked with the late Dave Duerson whose suicide was attributed to tragic results of multiple brain trauma.

What these former players and their families are going through is brutal! Meanwhile, the game goes on — the mighty NFL insists its doing “all it can” for player safety. Unfortunately the fact remains, football is unsafe at any age.

It’s one of the great debates in sports — what can be done about the concussion and head trauma concerns in American football.

We all knew in sports medicine the physical orthopedic toll a collision sport like football involves. The brain injuries, the potential catastrophic consequences of the head hits? That’s different! Now that the reality has hit the sport so hard, parents are facing the decision whether to allow their kids to play at any age. The dementia, the suicides, the debilitated players — it’s scary.

I have to admit that I’ve been a fan and am still a fan — Go Bears! — of football but  now we know the reality, as presently structured, there is no way to predict and no way to protect the head from this consistent trauma. It’s a “crap shoot”; we don’t know how many hits, how often, how young causes concern.

Experts used to think that numerous concussions were the culprit; that those “bell ringing hits” were the concern. Now the reality is no one knows how the “routine” collisions” without getting concussions per se will affect these young players.

The average high school player probably sustains hundreds of head-related micro-trauma per season — how much is too much?

Read More via The Sports Doctor: Football unsafe at any age – Aurora Beacon News.