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Interested in better family relationships, a better job, or improved health?

Did you say YES to at least one of these?  I did!

My good friend is organizing a CHAMPION’S WORKSHOP presented by Klemmer and Associates.  I didn’t know who K&A was, so I googled Here is what I found…

“Our workshops produce results for corporations and individuals because they explore beliefs around commitment, loyalty, communication, honesty, success, leadership and many other key issues. Once people “see” things differently, they automatically behave differently. This is what distinguishes us from purely “motivational” work which produces a temporary high. People are inspired, but because it is experiential they literally view life differently, and it lasts. Sustainable  results are a key to change.”

I am attending.  Would you like to join me?

Champions Workshop

Presented by Klemmer and Associates

Where:  Hotel Arista

2139 City Gate Ln Naperville, IL 60563

(Off Rt. 59 just north of I 88)

Date: Wednesday December 5, 2012

Time:  7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Cost:  $20 in advance, $59 at the door

Contact:  Stacey Hoeft (630)802-8200


Are you interested in better family relationships, a better job, or improved health?

Whether your passion is for excellence in your professional life, your personal life or both…The Champion’s Workshop contains the tools and techniques to assist you in making it happen NOW!  The goal of the Champion’s Workshop is to:

  • Uncover the limiting beliefs that were poured into you by life.
  • Replace your limiting beliefs with more productive thoughts that serve your growth going forward.
  • Discover which areas in your life you struggle with most, and discover how to create more fulfillment in those areas.
  • Unblock and resolve conflicts with yourself and others.
  • Learn a “Formula of Champions” used by individuals and companies throughout the world to see measureable change within 30 days.

The Champion’s Workshop is a valuable training that produces results.  Take a small step to make a large difference in your life!  Come join us for a time of self discovery!

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