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Thanksgiving Activities for the Family

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Wondering how you’ll entertain all those relatives? Need ways to avoid hot button topics? Or maybe you’re just looking to infuse a little levity into the big Thanksgiving production.

The holidays can be rough—youre busy in the kitchen getting the turkey ready, the kids are running around and the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street uncles have started before dinner has even begun.

Have no fear. Here are some playful activities that will lower everyone’s blood pressure and may just make this the best Thanksgiving yet.

Thankful Tree

Here is an idea I borrowed from my friend Kirsten. Over the past couple years, she and her family have created a large Thankful Tree that grows across their kitchen wall. The trunk is fashioned from a roll of brown butcher or craft paper and the leaves are made out of construction paper…read more

Each night, everyone in the family writes down something they’re thankful for on a leaf and puts it on the tree. Whenever guests are over, they too add a leaf. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around their tree is filled.

I rather love the idea of the Thankful Tree and think it makes an excellent centerpiece for a children’s table. To make one yourself, take sticks or small branches and place them in a large mason jar or other container.

As guests arrive, direct them to write down what they’re thankful for on a leaf. Punch holes in the leaves, tie a ribbon through and hang them on the sticks.

If you do not have access to sticks or branches, make a thankful garland. Prior to visitors arriving, hang a piece of twine across a mantle, doorway or entryway. Then affix leaves to it using ribbon or small clothespins.

via Thanksgiving Activities for the Family – Catonsville, MD Patch.

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