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Sugar Grove Destroyers wear pink

The other day I was getting my annual flu shot.  As the nurse was about to give me the vaccination, she was interrupted by her cell phone ringing.  She took the call and quickly told the person on the line that she was at work and would call back.  After she hung up, she apologized and told me that was her daughter and she was very sick.  She then went on to tell me that her 37yr old daughter has breast cancer and the cancer had spread to her spine and brain.  This Mom’s daughter has terminal cancer.  I cannot even describe how I felt in that moment.  My heart just broke for her.

I admit I have been immune to breast cancer.  I am lucky that my family and my close friends have not been affected by this illness.  But in more recent years I have learned of a few women whom I know that have been affected by breast cancer.  But for some reason it took this total stanger who had a daughter with a terminal diagnosis to really open my eyes.  After my flu shot I gave her a big hug and felt convicted to remind women to get checked, do self-exams.  Men, remind your wives, mothers, sisters to get checked.

This entire month my son, Josh, and his football teammates have been wearing bright pink socks to raise awareness and money to fight breast cancer in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  Saturday, 10/22, is their last game.  If you would like to donate any amount to breast cancer research charities, please let me know.  I will make sure your donation is accounted for.  Thank you.

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