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Go See this Documentary at Ogden 6 Theatre Monday, Sept. 19th 8:20pm

In the late 90’s I had a client, Diane Nilan, whom I helped purchase a home.  She ran a large homeless shelter in Aurora and was very passionate about her work.  In recent years, I had read in the newspaper about how she sold that home, her car and her possessions, bought an RV, and was traveling the country to document the stories of the homeless.  Ms. Nilan’s film, “on the edge” is featured in the Naperville Independent Film Festival and will be showing on Monday, September 19th, 8:20pm at Classic Cinema’s Ogden 6 theatre in Naperville.  Tickets are $5 and can be purchased in advance.  I have seen the trailer (click “on the edge” below to view) and I think it is a film everyone should see…     

Think you know homelessness? Think again… Seven women courageously step out of Americas shadow of shame, homelessness, lugging family troubles and deep-seated anxiety as they grapple to avoid returning to their nomadic existence. Their brutal honesty reveals not only the turmoil and tragedies that led to their homelessness but also their vulnerability of returning to a life of invisible struggle to survive. Their stories give new meaning to life “on the edge.”Each woman’s story is unique but there are recurring themes of trauma and abuse. They speak of the friends who tried to help them and their own desire to help others like themselves. Each woman has fought to regain her independence with a fragile support network, based on society’s ambiguous standards. They grasp tenuously to the edge of stability hoping for future lives in their own homes, or at least to avoid the return to homelessness. 

On the Edge.

via HEAR US: Voice and Visibility for Homeless Children – Youth – on the edge.

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