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Can You Do Your Own Credit Repair?

The question should NOT really be “COULD you do your own credit repair”, the better question is SHOULD you do your own credit repair”

The legal answer is that yes….anyone can, but to do it correctly you should know all of the laws of the FTC which govern credit reporting and also have a working knowledge of the FICO scoring models and the multitude of different scoring models, and the scoring buckets which effect credit and credit scores.

The four main laws governing credit reporting are:

  1. The Fair Credit Reporting Act
  2. Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
  3. Credit Repair Organizations Act
  4. Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act

There are several hundred pages of laws that the creditors and credit bureaus know very well and when it comes to disputing credit information….you need to know those laws too! One thing is for sure – the creditors and credit bureaus hope the consumer disputes the information on his/her own! It’s much easier for them to shut down someone who doesn’t know the laws.  Why do you think the credit bureaus encourage a consumer to submit any disputes online? Because it’s to their advantage not yours! 


Credit Repair is among the many other things that you “could” do but NOT that you “should” do….

Unless you are a professional in the field….here are some other things that you COULD do yourself but SHOULDN’T do yourself.

  • cut your own hair yourself
  • change the brakes on your car yourself
  • give yourself a root canal
  • be your own lawyer in a court of law

Let’s face it….some things are too important.

Let Illinois Credit Services handle the Credit Repair and Credit Rebuilding.  Call 630- 427-8500

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